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Get creative with high-quality coloured pencils

To turn your own fantasy into reality, you need the right tools. No matter whether you choose watercolours and brushes or the wooden crayon: With Lamy products, you have the right tool at hand to give free rein to your or your child's creativity. Breathe life into illustrations, pictures and drawings, because with our painting and drawing utensils, artists big and small bring their imagination to paper with ease.

Our accessories for big and small artists

If you want to give your creativity free rein, you don't just need brushes and paint. The matching, high-quality accessories such as water beakers, sharpener and eraser provide the extra portion of painting fun. And so that even the smallest ones can devote themselves completely to their ideas, their clothes are well protected with a painting smock.

Five good reasons why researchers recommend getting creative with pen and brush 

1. Creativity increases self-confidence

Did you know that painting and drawing makes us more self-confident? We express our thoughts and feelings and put them on paper - for everyone to see or just for ourselves. No matter what ends up on the paper or canvas, whether painted with oil paints, watercolours or simple crayons: We can always be proud of our work; something we have created with our own hands.

2. Drawing and painting helps to organise thoughts

While we are painting or drawing, we are indeed creative and concentrate fully on the picture we are working on. But when we are in such a mindset, it is easier for us to enter into inner dialogue and to deal with thoughts and feelings. Through painting and drawing we fall into a state that makes us think better.

3. Painting lays the foundation for a child's individual handwriting

Your own handwriting is something very personal and individual. Even with the first scribbles and small works of art, your child takes the first step towards his or her own handwriting.

4. Drawing trains fine motor skills

When children discover different colours and materials while painting, they train their fine motor skills at the same time. Precision and technique develop over time, but along the way children gain valuable experience, acquire a competence in materials and materials, and can apply this to other areas of everyday life.

5. Children learn patience and train their ability to concentrate

To concentrate on one thing, to focus and keep your mind on one task for a long period of time: These activities help your child's brain develop and encourage concentration and patience in little artists.

Painting with aquaplus watercolours from Lamy

The aquaplus opaque paint box optionally with 12 or 24 colours, delivers pure, brilliant shades and has a high-yield, consistent colour quality. Thanks to easy-to-clean mixing fields including the Lamy star mixing field and opaque white, any desired colour can be mixed independently at any time. If your favourite colour in the opaque paint box is used up, you can buy all the colours separately. This way, there are no limits to creativity.

Drawing with colourplus coloured pencils from Lamy

The ideal crayon for everyone, young and old: Slim, timeless design, the ergonomic shape and an unbreakable refill guarantee a pleasant drawing experience.

Painting & Drawing with Lamy - how children learn it

Practice makes perfect! Even at kindergarten and pre-school age, children benefit from first attempts at painting. In small steps and with a lot of fun, they learn how to handle pencil and paper and develop motor skills.

This is helped by child-friendly writing utensils, such as the coloured pencils from the 3plus series. These help the very young to lay the foundations for their motor skills in their first works of art and encourage the 3-finger grip. With each picture your child draws, this foundation is further developed and refined.

Our products


For the youngest explorers: The 3plus is a crayon, watercolour pencil and wax crayon all in one and is ideal for first attempts at painting. Thanks to its ergonomic square shape with rounded edges and its compact length, it can be gripped particularly well with the whole hand, even by very small kids. Its extra-thick lead withstands the greatest loads and also paints on smooth surfaces such as mirrors and glass.

Our Z80 3plus sharpener with child safety lock is available to complement the crayons - so that the colouring fun lasts especially long.

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The high-quality colour pencil for artists of all ages: Thanks to its ergonomic triangular shape, it ensures a particularly pleasant drawing feeling and, with its fine, break-resistant lead (Ø 3.3 mm), it is also the ideal pencil for complex drawings. For very special works of art, the coloured pencils in this range are also available in neon and metallic colours.


The coloured pencil for all ages from primary school onwards. Its slim, triangular shape fits comfortably in the hand and with its break-resistant lead (Ø 4 mm) it is suitable both as an everyday colour pencil and for more complex drawings.
With the lockable Z84 plus sharpener, the pencils are always ready to use and the pencil case stays clean.

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Frequently asked questions

Which Lamy products do you need for painting?

The coloured pencils from the plus series by Lamy are ideal for simple but also complex pictures. They are suitable for all ages from primary school onwards: The break-proof lead and the wide range of brilliant colours ensure distinct painting fun. The crayons are available in different set sizes and can be purchased individually from specialist retailers.

Which Lamy products do you need for drawing?

The graphite pencils from the plus series are suitable for sketches and also for the first steps in drawing: They are available in hardness grades B and HB and can, therefore, be used for fine, clear lines as well as for multi-layered shading.
The plus coloured pencils are not only also ideal for children to draw with, but also to paint with. Use it to create works of art with subtle colour gradients or build up the colours on the paper to intense luminosity.

Which Lamy pencils are suitable for drawing?

The graphite pencils of the plus series are ideally suited for drawing. Depending on the degree of hardness, they are designed for different types of work.

If the pencil has a strength of B, it draws in a deep black tone and with a relatively broad line, as the lead is softer. These pencils are well suited for freehand drawing, for example.

A harder lead has been used for HB pencils. This causes the pencil to draw narrower lines, which is why it is best suited for free-style drawing.