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As diverse from the inside as from the outside

Whether you need new refills for drawing or simply ink in your favourite colour, Lamy offers you a diverse selection of high-quality replacement refills and cartridges for fountain pens, rollerballs, ballpoint pens, multi-system pens and pencils. Discover our large selection and find the right refill for your pen.

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Mines & Refills (8)


Replacement refills for ballpoint pens, pencils and rollerballs

Whether a selection of pencil leads in different line widths for your sketches or a fresh biros or ink roller refill after the old one has done its job: The large selection of refills and replacement cartridges for rollerballs,

ballpoint pens, pencils and multi-system pens offers something for everyone. Fill your stash not only with supplies for your pens, but also with new ideas and imagination.

Ballpoint refills

For a long-lasting pleasant writing experience: The Lamy large-capacity refills for ballpoint pens made in Heidelberg not only ensure that you can fill many pages of paper with your thoughts - they also provide you with a clean, even stroke from the first to the last line.

To the ballpoint refills

Pencil leads

Sketching, drawing, writing: Different refills are suitable for all types of work. Find the right one for your requirements here.

Replacement refills for multi-system pens

Up to four writing systems in one pen and at least four times as much writing fun: Our multi-system pens are both versatile and extremely practical. You can find the matching refills here.

Cartridges for fountain pens

Need a replacement for your empty cartridges? Or are you looking for variety and colour? The ink cartridges from Lamy fulfil all wishes.

Rollerball refills

Best quality and a lot of endurance: Our refills for rollerballs are characterised by a long-lasting pleasant writing feeling.

Replacement refills for ballpoint pens & rollerballs

Most of our pens are equipped with the LAMY M16 large capacity refill or with the LAMY M22 compact refill, which is suitable for the LAMY pico. In addition to the refills for ballpoint pens, you also have the option of expanding your equipment with replacement refills for our multi-system pens (LAMY M21 and LAMY M55 (marker refill in orange)).

We offer two different refills for rollerball pens: The model LAMY M66 for capless pens (except LAMY imporium) and the model LAMY M63 for rollerballs with cap. Our model for young frequent writers, the LAMY balloon, is refilled with the LAMY T11 rollerball cartridge.


The Lamy fountain pens (with the exception of the LAMY 2000) write with our special LAMY T10 large capacity cartridges. These are available in a variety of colours, including blue and black, as well as other colours for special occasions, individual preferences and creative writing.

The LAMY 2000 fountain pen is the only model that is not compatible with the LAMY T10 ink cartridges. It can only be used with ink from the ink glass.

Sustainability through replaceable refills & cartridges

We attach great importance to sustainability and care for our environment. Therefore, we rely on replaceable refills and cartridges for all our writing instruments. Sustainable and climate-friendly - instead of buying a new pen, you only buy the refills and thus not only do something for the environment, but also save a lot of time at the same time.

Frequently asked questions

How do I find the right refill or lead for my writing instrument?

When buying a pen or pencil, make sure you know which refill or lead is included. This is the easiest way to find the right cartridge or refill for your fountain pen, rollerball pen, biros, pencil or multi-system pen. For this, simply unscrew the unit and note the model designation you see on it. You can then simply enter these in the search bar in the shop and find the right replacement refill or replacement cartridge for your pen or pencil.

What ink cartridges are available from Lamy?

All Lamy fountain pens (with the exception of the Lamy 2000) write with our large capacity cartridge LAMY T10. This is available in a set of 5 cartridges of 1.25 ml each.

Furthermore, our converters are compatible with any of our fountain pens and you can also use our ink jar inks for special occasions. Here you have the choice between ink T52 with 50ml including ink reservoir and practical blotting paper roll and ink T51 with 30ml also with ink reservoir. Give your text a whole new perspective: If you don't want to do without colour even when it comes to ink, you should go for crystal ink. The ten colour shades open up new dimensions in fountain pen writing and enrich the domestic range. There are no limits to creativity and imagination.

Can I replace the refill or cartridge for each writing instrument?

Yes. Our aim is for all Lamy writing instruments to become a loyal and long-lasting companion. For this reason, all cartridges and refills in our writing instruments can be replaced at any time.

We have also pursued this goal with our digital writing instruments. The EMR pens were developed in such a way that the writing tips can be conveniently replaced at any time.

The only exception among the fountain pens is the LAMY 2000. With this pen, no cartridge is replaced, but the ink chamber can be completely filled traditionally only with an ink glass from which the ink is drawn into the fountain pen.

What should I look for when choosing a refill or cartridge?

Before you change your refill or cartridge, you should check which product is already in the insturment and which other variants are also compatible with the pen. So when you buy, you can be sure that your pen will continue to work reliably.

What is the Lamy lead mechanism and which products does it apply to?

The mechanical pencils at Lamy do not have a permanently integrated lead as known from wooden pencils. Instead, the lead is inserted into the pencil lead insert - this holds the lead inside the pencil and is available for leads of different line widths. So if you want to use your mechanical with a different line width than the one supplied, you can easily change the pencil lead insert inside the writing instrument. The lead mechanism LAMY Z 60/5 is suitable for leads with a thickness of 0.5 mm for all twin and tri pen models, the model LAMY Z 61/7 can be used for all leads with a thickness of 0.7 mm for all twin and tri pen models.