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Now it's getting colourful: Wide range of colours and matching accessories

Painting with watercolours inspires small and big artists equally thanks to versatile techniques. In addition to opaque paint boxes in various colours and paint trays for refilling, you will also find the matching accessories in our range: Different types of brushes, water beakers, painting smocks - everything you need to be optimally equipped when painting.

Color Pencils (6)



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Color Pencils (6)


Matching accessories for coloured pencils

With a freshly sharpened colour pencil, painting and drawing is twice as much fun: Small details and fine contours can be worked out even more precisely. With the matching sharpeners from Lamy, a three-hole sharpener for all sizes and two single sharpeners, the Lamy colour pencils are always ready.

Painting and drawing with coloured pencils from Lamy

The Lamy range offers a wide selection of coloured pencils for every preference and drawing style. Whether big or small, hobby colourist or passionate recreational artist: everyone will find the perfect pencil in their favourite colour here. For those who like it colourful and like to experiment with different techniques and colour nuances when painting, the aquaplus opaque paint box from Lamy is also a great addition to the hobby studio at home. The mixing areas in the lid invite experimentation and the wide colour palette fulfils almost every desire.

Different types of coloured pencils

The Lamy range includes coloured pencils tailored to different needs and requirements. The 3plus series crayons are suitable for children, especially primary school children, because thanks to break-proof leads they can withstand greater pressure and are easier for small children's hands to grip due to their thickness. For older children and experienced artists, the plus and colourplus series are suitable. All pens are ergonomically shaped and have a high colour depth for even more painting and drawing fun. We also offer all our wooden pencils in sets or individually.

Frequently asked questions

Which paper is suitable for Lamy coloured pencils?

For painting and drawing with coloured pencils, we recommend high-quality paper with a higher grammage and a smooth structure. This brings out the brightness of the colours and allows the pen to glide smoothly over the paper.

Which crayons are the best from Lamy?

All Lamy coloured pencils are tailored to different needs and requirements. 3plus coloured pencils from Lamy for preschool children. Thanks to its ergonomic triangular shape and unbreakable lead, it is the perfect companion for first attempts at painting and drawing. The 3plus series combines a wax crayon, watercolour pencil and coloured pencil in one and is particularly easy for small kids' hands to hold. And the colour pencil series plus and colourplus offer artists of all ages lots of colouring fun.

Which Lamy crayons are suitable for primary school?

The plus series is perfectly for primary school children. Thanks to its unbreakable lead and ergonomic shape, it is ideal for first writing exercises and for colouring in. Alternatively, the colourplus series, which fits in every pencil case thanks to its slimmer shape, is also available in the trendy neon and metallic colour sets for even more colour variety and drawing fun.

Those who would like to expand their colour palette or buy used-up favourite colours can find individual pens in the online shop.

On which surfaces can you draw with Lamy coloured pencils?

Whether clay paper, watercolour paper or common drawing paper in different thicknesses, thanks to the highest colour brilliance the Lamy coloured pencils achieve a high opacity and a bright colour result on all paper surfaces.
The 3plus series can also paint on smooth surfaces such as glass thanks to its properties as a wax crayon, watercolour pencil and coloured pencil in one.

Tip: The pen is ideal for crafting with kids, for example at a children's birthday party, as little artists can use it to draw and paint on a wide variety of surfaces such as clay or wood. And also, as a gift set in a fabric roll, a 3plus set makes a great little present for a birthday, Christmas or Easter.

Which Lamy crayons are best for toddlers?

Our 3plus crayons are suitable for kindergarten and pre-school children. They promote a 3-point pen posture thanks to their ergonomic shape and are available in many bright colours. Thanks to the extra-thick pen shape, small kids' hands can grip the pen particularly well - giving your little ones the opportunity to develop their motor skills playfully and comfortably.

Which Lamy crayons are best for colouring?

Due to their outstanding opacity and luminosity, the coloured pencils of the plus series are particularly fun to colour in. For beginners and children, the series is available in sets of 6 or 12. For more colour variety and more complex compositions, the set of 24 or the 36-metal colour pencil box are suitable.