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Quality from the ball to the clip

Are you looking for a reliable, stylish writing and sketching pen? Then the ballpoint pens from Lamy are just right for you. Whether it's quick notes, creative texts, important signatures or even the occasional shopping list, a ballpoint pen from Lamy masters all tasks with ease. The ballpoint pens are versatile, classy in their finish and available in different variants and designs. Thus, the design pieces completely adapt to your personal requirements.

Ballpoint Pens (18)


LAMY 2000

As low as $78.00
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LAMY accent

As low as $89.00
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LAMY aion

As low as $69.00
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LAMY AL-star

As low as $30.00
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LAMY cp1

As low as $60.00
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LAMY econ

As low as $30.00
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LAMY imporium

As low as $419.00
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Ballpoint Pens (18)


 The right ballpoint pen for every occasion

Practical, high quality and stylish - if you decide to buy a ballpoint pen, these are three features that the pen should definitely have. The ballpoint pens from Lamy combine these attributes - each in its own unique way. In our range, there is something for every preference. You can either order the pens via our online store or visit one of our selected dealers near you.

Accessories: Everything for your ballpoint pen

Replacement refills in different line widths and colours, a case for on the go or a notebook in matching colours: Discover the wide range of accessories for Lamy ballpoint pens.


Jasper Morrison is a leading British designer, best known for his work in furniture, lighting, electrical products and tableware.


When we pick up a pen, we want what we put on paper to look good. To ensure that you receive a writing instrument that will accompany you for a long time, we at Lamy rely on the best quality when it comes to the inner workings of our ballpoint pens. Before the product goes on sale, we test the first meters of writing in our LAMY manufactory. In this way, we guarantee reliable writing behavior from the first to the last line.

The refill

Quality "Made in Germany": The refills used in our ballpoint pens are manufactured at the Lamy site in Heidelberg. The refill itself is made of metal, while the ball of the pen is made of tungsten carbide.

Not sure which refill you need? To find out, simply unscrew your ballpoint pen and note the model number (e.g. LAMY M16), which is recognizable on the refill. Our tip: Also check if your Lamy ballpoint pen is compatible with one of our large capacity refills - these contain even more lead paste for extra long writing pleasure.

The ballpoint pen refill paste

Nothing works without it: The refill paste. Unlike the ink in the fountain pen, this is more viscous. No matter whether signatures or certificates of achievement. The refill paste is document-proof and accompanies you for all the important signatures in life. They are also free of toxins.

Here you will find an overview of the colours:

What characterises a ballpoint pen from Lamy?

At Lamy, internationally renowned design meets the highest quality standards. The result is a pen that is not just a simple ballpoint pen, but a loyal and long-lasting companion at your side: Only high-quality materials are used in the production process and you will also enjoy your Lamy ballpoint pen for many years thanks to the replaceable refills.

Ballpoint pens with individual engraving at Lamy

With most of our ballpoint pen models, for example the LAMY imporium or the LAMY scala, you have the option of personalising the pen with an engraving. The pen then becomes a very individual memento: Not only the name and initials of the person receiving the gift are suitable here - let your imagination run wild and immortalise the date of an anniversary, a life motto or the coordinates of a special place.

Special metal ballpoint pens from Lamy

The high-quality metal ballpoint pens from Lamy have a very special look. These include, among others: LAMY imporium, LAMY cp1, LAMY aion, LAMY econ, LAMY ideos, LAMY 2000, LAMY pico. The LAMY accent, for example, is much more than an ordinary ballpoint pen: In addition to the stylish and clean aesthetics, the pen also scores with an interchangeable grip so you can customise the pen to your individual preferences.

Lamy ballpoint pens as gifts

A high-quality ballpoint pen is a gift that brings joy to young and old alike: It accompanies the person receiving it for the rest of their life and carries very special memories. In our extensive range, you are sure to find a model that will delight the person receiving the gift. With the matching gift box or a high-quality leather case for storage, it becomes the perfect gift for graduation, anniversary, Mother's or Father's Day or as a loving gift for very special milestones in the lives of your loved ones. With an engraving, the pen then becomes a very personal souvenir.

Frequently asked questions

Who invented the ballpoint pen?

Galileo Galilei is said to have made a sketch showing a kind of ballpoint pen. The first ballpoint pen as we know it then made its appearance in 1938: The Hungarian inventor László József Bíró observed children at play whose marbles rolled through a puddle and left a wet trail on the ground. This is how he was inspired to create the first ballpoint pen.
There are now countless designs and types of ballpoint pens on the market - including our legendary Lamy models: The LAMY 2000 with its unmistakable cigar shape, the minimalist LAMY noto, the refined LAMY xevo or the ingenious LAMY pico.

What are the types of Lamy pens?

Choose from a variety of different models: Depending on your needs and requirements, the individual ballpoint pens differ in shape, size and colour to suit your individual ideas. There is a wide selection of design classics, frequent-writer pens and colourful, modern models. And the range of refills leaves nothing to be desired: Choose from the line widths F (fine), M (medium) or B (wide) and from four different colours (blue, black, green, red).

Which Lamy ballpoint pen is best for me?

It all depends on what you want to use the pen for. Do you write a lot and need a faithful companion for training or everyday work? Then the LAMY xevo, LAMY logo, LAMY Lx for example, will suit you perfectly. You can find more information about the models here. If you need the ballpoint pen for sketching or drawing, stick to the LAMY safari. For those who value design and aesthetics, the LAMY studio or the LAMY imporium are the right model.

Which Lamy ballpoint pen is suitable for drawing?

The LAMY safari is a real specialist when it comes to creative writing and sketching. Its ergonomic shape is a particular advantage. The ballpoint pen is available in many modern colours and impresses not only with its appearance but also with its exceptional robustness, so that it is a reliable companion for sketches on the go. And did you know that other products from the LAMY safari family are also popular for drawing? Our LAMY safari fountain pen is extremely popular among architects from all over the world.

Where can I have ballpoint pens engraved?

When you buy a ballpoint pen from Lamy, you have the option of having an engraving applied. You can choose between different fonts and positions, for example on the case or on the clip.

Which Lamy ballpoint pens write softly?

How smoothly a ballpoint pen glides across the paper does not depend on the writing instrument itself, but on the refill.
All ballpoint pen refills from Lamy promote a soft and fluid writing pattern and thus offer you unmistakable writing comfort. The tungsten carbide ball used in the refill is almost as hard as diamond - so it's virtually indestructible and won't get dents or scratches, which makes for a consistently good writing experience. Our LAMY M16 ballpoint pen refill in stroke width B glides particularly smoothly over the paper: The ball in the writing tip has a larger diameter than other line widths and thus writes heavenly soft.