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The right tool for every work of art

Add the right accessories to your paint box and coloured pencils. In our range, you will find brushes, sharpeners, painting slips and much more: everything you need to complete your works.

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Accessories (3)


"To be a good painter you need four things: a soft heart, a fine eye, a light hand and always freshly washed brushes."
– Anselm Feuerbach

Care tips for brushes

For a long life of your painting tools, you should pay attention to a few things when handling brushes: Get into the habit of cleaning the brushes thoroughly with water after each use and be sure to let them dry thoroughly after washing them out - always make sure that the tip of the brush is pointing upwards so that the fine hair does not bend or break.

How do I erase properly?

Rule no. 1: Always erase in one direction only. This is gentle on the paper and you avoid smudging your work. The abrasion that occurs during erasing can best be removed with a dry brush.

Useful accessories for coloured pencils & watercolours from Lamy

In addition to the opaque paint box and our coloured pencils, you will find painting smocks, water beakers, sharpeners and erasers in our accessories. To protect against splashes and stains, we recommend a painting smock. To keep the brushes safe, use the water beaker with integrated brush holder. For long-lasting painting pleasure, sharpen your pencils regularly with one of our sharpeners.

Find the right Lamy brush

Lamy brushes are also available to match the aquaplus opaque ink well. These are available with hair or bristles, each in four different widths. Depending on the work you are using the brush for, you will need a different width. To paint larger areas, you should use a brush with a high brush thickness (for example, a size 10 or 12 bristle brush).

For delicate drawings, illustrations, etc., it is best to use a brush with a small width (for example, a size 2 or 4 hair brush). If your child uses the paintbrush in the classroom, it is best to equip the paint box with a hair brush and a bristle brush in medium size (for example, hair brush size 6/8, bristle brush size 8/10).

Frequently asked questions

What accessories are available to complement the Lamy watercolours?

In addition to the watercolour box, we offer two brush models (hair or bristles). The aquaplus painting smock, available in blue and red, offers protection from paint splashes. The Lamy aquaplus painting beaker for washing out or laying down the brushes is also available in different colours.

Which accessories complement Lamy coloured pencils?

A sharpener is essential so that the coloured pencils are always ready for use. Those who like to have everything compactly in one model should stick to the LAMY Z84 sharpener. With its three different hole sizes, it quickly and conveniently sharpens the coloured pencils of the plus, 3plus and colourplus series, and thanks to the robust housing, nothing will go wrong in a pencil case or bag, even when travelling. The LAMY Z83 and LAMY Z80 sharpeners, on the other hand, with their two hole sizes, are ideal for sharpening on the go and at school or university - they fit in any pencil case. You can use the LAMY Z80 eraser for corrections.

Which accessories for children when painting & drawing?

In addition to water beakers and robust brushes, the aquaplus painting smock is particularly suitable for children, so that little artists can indulge in their creativity without worrying about splashes of paint on their clothes. Individual favourite colours can also be purchased separately in the online shop.

For drawing and painting with coloured pencils, children are well equipped with erasers and sharpeners at home and at school: The LAMY Z83 and LAMY Z84 sharpener models are suitable for the plus and 4plus or plus, 3plus and 4plus colour pencil series. For the little ones who want to sharpen their 3plus colour pencils themselves, the LAMY Z80 model is available in our shop. This has a child safety lock for all-round carefree colouring pleasure.

Which brush for painting with watercolours?

At Lamy, you have the choice between hair brushes in four strengths (sizes 2 to 8) and a bristle brush, also in four strengths (sizes 6 to 12). Both types are suitable for different requirements. Bristle brushes are somewhat more robust, withstand more pressure and are preferred for coarser applications and larger surfaces. Bristle brushes are also particularly suitable for children's first attempts at painting because of their robustness.
Hair brushes are characterised, in particular, by a more flexible tip and are thus suitable for finer drawings.